JCI Kodiak K300+ Cone Crusher

Category: Crusher

Kodiak K300+

  • Kodiak® Plus roller bearings reduce operating expenses by up to 50%. Precision design generates higher efficiencies, reducing re-circulating loads and operating temperatures. This design is highly tolerant of climate and temperature fluctuations.
  • A patented anti-spin, pin-style cone brake reduces manganese wear costs and minimizes projectiles.
  • A patented liner retention system simplifies liner changes.
  • A 360-degree ring replaces individual cylinders and acts as a single piston providing low maintenance and leak-free operation, as well as preventing bowl creep.
  • Fully-protected patented internal counterweights eliminate the need for replacements and maintain true balance through the life of the machine
  • The patented Tramp Iron Relief System eliminates maintenance costs associated with accumulators. Pressure relief valves act as a latch, generating minimal back pressure build-up during a tramp iron or overload event.
  • Replaceable, single-sided brass v-seat liners provide extra protection from overload events.
  • Capacity : 150-350 TPH
  • Required Power : 300hp / 220kW
  • Machine weight : 19,300kg